Announcements 20 – 24 October 2012

Shields Gazette
Shields Gazette – ‎Oct 19, 2012‎
Two-year-old Charlie Oliver, from South Shields, suffers from a rare genetic disorder called Angelman’s Syndrome. It means he has learning difficulties, visual impairment, epilepsy and sleep deprivation. – ‎Oct 19, 2012‎
“We are joining with Sprinkles and all the proceeds are going to help Angelman Syndrome,” said Heather, who is also putting their 3-and 7-year-old sons to work too at the Milk and Lemonade stand.
Lexington Dispatch – ‎Oct 4, 2012‎
Burchel, a young child who suffers from Angelman Syndrome, is one of many children who will benefit from recent renovations to Doak Park, which is now accessible to all children.
Avery Journal Times – ‎Oct 4, 2012‎
The game, an annual event to raise funds for an individual or family with medical and/or financial need in the local area, benefited Jakob Costner, son of Josh and Lacey Costner, who was diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome, an incurable illness.

Angelman Syndrome Foundation
You spoke, we listened: Introducing a new resource to help you better understand behaviors in Angelman syndrome.

The most frequent requests for guidance and assistance from families of individuals with Angelman

 syndrome are related to behaviors. The Angelman Syndrome Foundation has listened to these concerns, and in response is very excited to announce the introduction of a new resource created to help all individuals who care for and work with individuals with AS better understand the complexities of behaviors that people with AS exhibit.

Funded by the Canadian Angelman Syndrome Society (CASS) and the Angelman Syndrome Foundation (ASF), and developed by the ASF, the informational series on Angelman Syndrome Behaviors — accessible via — is now available to help those who care for or work with individuals with AS help improve quality of life for their loved one.
Angelman Syndrome Foundation

Shields Gazette
Shields Gazette – ‎Oct 11, 2012‎
Charlie is believed to have Angelman Syndrome, a condition which causes learning difficulties, unsteady or jerky motions, visual impairment, epilepsy and chronic sleep deprivation.
The Star Online
The Star Online – ‎Oct 14, 2012‎
This is Shine Like Star Children Learning Centre which serves children with special needs such as autism, Angelman syndrome, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and learning difficulty. Every Thursday from 8pm to 10pm, a group of volunteers 
The Ann Arbor News –
The Ann Arbor News – – ‎Oct 3, 2012‎
Karma Apparel has donated to the Angelman Syndrome Foundation, the Childern’s Organ Transplant Association, the Gleaner’s Community Food Bank of Southeastern Michigan, Do-All, Inc. and the Johnny Burke Children’s Foundation.
Sheffield Telegraph
Sheffield Telegraph – ‎Sep 28, 2012‎
They came together this week to show their support for the campaign to raise £20m towards the proposed £40m redevelopment of Sheffield Children’s Hospital.
CBS Local
CBS Local – ‎Oct 21, 2012‎
The 17-year-old has Angelman Syndrome and is unable to talk. After the crash, he was taken to Children’s Hospital where doctors told his parents he would be all right.
Shields Gazette
Shields Gazette – ‎Oct 1, 2012‎
Staff were moved by the plight of two-and-half-year-old Charlie Oliver. The youngster is believed to suffer from Angelman’s syndrome. Symptoms include learning difficulties, unsteady or jerky motions, visual impairment, epilepsy and chronic sleep 
Press-Enterprise – ‎Oct 15, 2012‎
“This would include any disability involving a movement disorder such as cerebral palsy, Angelman’s syndrome, Rhett’s, as well as autism and others,” she said.

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