Angelman Announcements August #1 2013

Hiking for an angel: Novato man walks for a cause…
Despite walking hundreds of miles for charity, 67-year-old retiree Steve O’Keefe insists that he’s actually the primary beneficiary.

How a cancer drug unties knots in the chromosome that causes Angelman and Prader-Willi syndromes……
(SACRAMENTO, Calif.) — UC Davis researchers have identified how and where in the genome a cancer chemotherapy agent acts on and ‘un-silences’ the epigenetically silenced gene that causes Angelman syndrome, a rare neurodevelopmental disorder


Neuroscientists Find Protein Linked to Cognitive Deficits in Angelman syndrome…
A team of neuroscientists has identified a protein in laboratory mice linked to impairments similar to those afflicted with Angelman syndrome—a condition associated with symptoms that include autism, intellectual disability, and motor abnormalities.

Raising awareness about Angelman syndrome | Video |


Angelman syndrome is commonly mistaken……
Arlington, Va. (WUSA9) — It is a disorder that is widely misunderstood, and sometimes mistaken for other conditions.

Angelman Syndrome sufferer Melissa wins hearts of her school friends…

A YOUNG girl saw off her school year in style when a farewell party was thrown by her classmates, whose hearts she has touched since she was four-years-old.

Medical Marijuana helps stem 6 year old’s seizures… Six-year-old Jayden David has been suffering fewer epileptic seizures since taking medical marijuana, or what his dad calls “miracle marijuana.”

Region Briefs: Inaugural mountain lion season OK’d in Nebraska

Midwest Producer – ‎Aug 6, 2013‎ 10:30 a.m. Registration starts at 8:30 a.m. The tractorcade will cover 35 miles in three northeast Kansas counties and should return about 4:30 p.m.. The cost of $30 per tractor includes a snack and meal. All proceeds go to Angelman Syndrome


Ivy lives riding dream

04 Aug, 2013 04:00 AM KATE STARK

XXXX Gold Variety Bash have generously donated funding to purchase a new horse for Ivy Hensley, Peakvale, Clermont.

XXXX Gold Variety Bash have generously donated funding to purchase a new horse for Ivy Hensley, Peakvale, Clermont.

IVY Hensley, 13, has been given a new lease on life after children’s charity Variety saw the Clermont local receive the generous donation of a new riding horse.


Father raises profile of son’s rare illness

MASON Crane’s smile hides a severe and rare illness that affects about one in 20 million births.

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