Angelman announcements – October #2

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I’m Matt. I’m a copywriter. And I’m raising money for a charity called ASSERT, who support families with children affected by Angelman syndrome – like my adorable cousin, Nancy-Freja. But I’m not after your money.



 –     Angelman Syndrome: A to Z

Please share your experiences in living with Angelman syndrome so others can learn. 
Living with AS has its own unique challenges and by collaborating and sharing tips, suggestions and best practices in a variety of areas, collectively we can all learn more and better support the development of our loved ones with AS.

Because of this, we are asking all caregivers of individuals with AS to share your experiences via the survey below. The survey will be available until November 8th. The information you provide will be used along with information from professionals to publish the 3rd edition ofAngelman Syndrome: A to Z, a complete guide to all aspects of living with AS, which will be made available to all families in electronic format. The Angelman Syndrome Foundation will be sharing the information you provide with families through other means in the future as well.

Click here to begin the survey and thank you for sharing your experiences!


The Angel Runners Mission:
Our primary goal is to raise funds for research so that a cure may one day be found and implemented in those who battle with Angelman Syndrome. Our secondary goal is to create awareness around the globe, because with awareness comes outreach.



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Live in Christchurch New Zealand with my family, Catholic, interested in music historic Fiction, Angelman Syndrome Awareness
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