Angelman Announcements November #2

Documentary to feature American Idol songwriter Regie Hamm


 and his wife Yolanda lost her job as a record label executive. To make matters worse, their daughter Isabella, adopted from China, had been diagnosed with a rare disorder, known as Angelman Syndrome, that challenged the family as they never imagined.




Disabled Biddulph youngster Declan Copeland is standing tall after grant from 

The 11-year-old has epilepsy and Angelman Syndrome, a rare genetic condition which affects the nervous system and causes physical impairment and developmental delay.



In the Pipeline: More than just a day at the Beach

Anthony suffers from Angelman syndrome, which is a neuro-genetic disorder characterized by severe intellectual and developmental disability, seizures, sleep disturbances, frequent laughter or smiling and a usually happy demeanor.


YMCA recognizes Oakville peacemakers

Special recognition was also given to youth medallion nominee, Tatum Martino, 9, who made wallets to raise money and awareness for her friend and classmate, Callum Blackburn, who lives with Angelman Syndrome. The breakfast also featured a keynote ..


Parents live life with an angel

Sue Tiffin, left, and Justin Tiffin are all smiles with their 11-month-old daughter Harper, who has been diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome. The couple moved ..


Caring for the Caregivers

One local home here in Western New York is out to give back to those who give so much. Joe Ball’s son Kevin is 26 years old, and has Angelman Syndrome.


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Live in Christchurch New Zealand with my family, Catholic, interested in music historic Fiction, Angelman Syndrome Awareness
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