Angelman Announcements December 2013

vzw Angelman Syndroom organiseert Music For Life Actie op Kerstmarkt


FAST Global Summit 2013

The Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics (“FAST”) is pleased to announce that the 2nd Annual Global Summit on Angelman Syndrome will take place on Friday and Saturday, December 6-7, 2013 at the Hyatt Regency Chicago.There will be one seminar on Friday afternoon December 6th 2013 hosted by Erin Sheldon M.Ed. on using IPAD to promote learning and literacy for those with Angelman Syndrome called, “Is there an app for that?”


Joelle Ketchum is interviewed about Angelman Syndrome


Syndrome Angelman France – 2014 – YouTube
3 min
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Charity swim a success

On Thursday evening, adults and children from the squad participated in a 5km swim to raise funds for those living with Angelman Syndrome. Earlier in the week


Special Olympics: Bocce, photos day 2

He said he got involved in coaching because of his son, David, who is now 25, is believed to have Angelman syndrome. One of the indicators of the genetic condition – which involves intellectual disability – is a fascination with water.


Vienna Elementary to Mark ‘Inclusion Week’ Starting Monday

On Monday, students are asked to wear multicolored clothing to represent the puzzle piece for autism. Tuesday’s color is green, representing cerebral palsy.


In the Pipeline: More than just a day at the beach

Anthony suffers from Angelman syndrome, which is a neuro-genetic disorder characterized by severe intellectual and developmental disability, seizures, sleep disturbances, frequent laughter or smiling and a usually happy demeanor.



The first time I met Jiann Imutan, it took me a while before I realized anything different about her. She got her looks from her mother–expressive eyes and high cheek bones. It was during their brother’s baptismal, and her father, Jeffrey Imutan, had kindly invited my sister and I.

Jeffrey Imutan is our head animator here at Beyond Notebook.






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