Angelman Announcements March 2015

Giving Barnsy 18,000 reasons to smile | Photos

DUBBO residents gave Barnsy a reason to smile on Saturday evening at St Johns Primary School, with more than $18,000 raised for Barnsy and his family.|By Fairfax Regional Media
Just keep swimming….Because Max is still smiling! Max is a 13-year-old boy who loves horseback riding, going to the pool and watching movies with his family….

Zaina has her own ace team

She has seen a parade of home support workers come and go over the years. Four of them lasted no more than a day; some lasted a few weeks; a few have managed a year. This is because caring for Zaina, a young woman with…

Six-year-old’s daily battle with rare condition

BALLARAT: Virginia Knight has only one wish in life: to see her son one day be able to walk and talk.|By Fairfax Regional Media

Honoring Hayden

Honouring Hayden

Rebecca Kimball will never watch her daughter step on the bus for her first day of school.

She’ll never get to pin up her curly hair and send her off on her first date.

She’ll never be able to adjust to the diagnosis of a rare genetic disorder her daughter Hayden received just weeks before she died.

Press and News | ‘It’s a life-changing resource for families like ours’
Community ‘It’s a life-changing resource for families like ours’ By Alicia Miller March 5, 2015 at 8:35 am Maple Grove Cub tests out carts for special needs children A Maple Grove business has made the shopping…|By Alicia Miller


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