About the Angelman Announcer

Welcome to Angelman Announcements

News, reviews, reflections, and video clips for the Journey and give you hope. A Vlog presented by Darren Humphries from New Zealand. Please see the links below please feel free to comment or to subscribe to the youtube channelwww.youtube.com/angelmanannouncer

You can contact Darren @ angelmanannouncement@gmail.com

Darren is the Dad to Elijah who was diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome in 2006 aged two. Elijah died in 2007 aged 3 from damage caused by seizures. Darren has always been a strong advocate and passionate about awareness about Angelman Syndrome and helping people share their stories . He has written about the journey in the following blog – www.ElijahAngel.wordpress.com. He lives in New Zealand with his wife Julie and his daughter Francesca.


1 Response to About the Angelman Announcer

  1. Charles de Broin says:

    Hi Darren,

    Great endeavor this Vlog. Congratulation.

    Let me know when it may be appropriate for us to do an interview on my recent sucess with Nicolas and his Melatonin.


    Charles de Broin

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